Headed to Harlem

We are checking in from Bethel Gospel Assembly in the heart of Harlem, New York. We are here for a study on short-term missions and outreach to Muslims by Global Gates.

In preparation for the outreach, they had us read a helpful guide on the motivation for world missions. The world has come to the city. NYC is ranked as the world’s top global city, which makes Metro New York one of the most strategic places at the most strategic time in history to “make disciples of all nations.”

In short, Global Gates explains that the motivation for missions is the glory of God – not numbers, not religion. The phrase, ‘give glory to God,’ is an easy one to throw around without much thought. So what does it mean? Global Gates describes the glory of God in a way that makes it practical & relational.

Here it is: Delighting in someone is a very high compliment. If you enjoy someone, two amazing things happen – you get the joy, they get the glory.

Pleasure is the measure of your treasure. This is revolutionary for a relationship with God. God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in Him. It means the pursuit of God’s glory and the pursuit of joy are not at odds. They are one.

Just a little of what we brought to Harlem today.

Hope it’s an encouragement.

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