Something Unusual

It was absolute and utter chaos.

The chanting of massive crowds in the streets. There was a thick hatred in the air. Rumors were spreading wildly throughout the surrounding towns.

One man shouted, “They put a tangle of thorns on the man’s head!”

Camilla, the daughter of a centurion, knew exactly what was happening. She grabbed a few things and rushed out of the house. She had to find her father, who was on duty that day.

She ran through the streets before coming to a sudden stop in front of the Praetorium. Chants thundered all around — “Hail! King of the Jews! Hail! King of the Jews!”

Camilla spotted her father. He was yelling at a man to carry a rugged cross up the road. Her father was assigned by Pilate to lead an execution squad. She knew he didn’t have a choice, but it was still unbearable to see.

Then something very unusual happened. It was in the afternoon, the sky grew dark and a loud voice traveled through the air.

“It is finished!” declared a few men passing by.

Camilla finally reached her father. He was surprised to see her, but meant it when he said,

This man truly was the Son of God.


On the third day, this man rose again. (Matthew 28:1-6)

He’s coming back. (Acts 1:9-11)

His name is Jesus. (John 14:6)

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