Someone Who Cares

Sara is just a face in the crowd.

Sara enjoys walking among the multitudes in the city. There is so much excitement there, and without even trying she always finds the center of the action.

She lives in a small village called Bethphage just outside of the city. The city is Jerusalem. Her father is a respected religious leader there.

One day Sara was outside tending to her chickens when several men went rushing by toward the city.

“A lot of unusual things have been happening around here lately,” she thought to herself.

It was about to get even more unusual.

She turned her thoughts back to the hen in front of her and watched the hen gather all of her chicks together beneath her wing. She said aloud to one of the chickens, “If only humans had someone to love us that way!”

Her father walked around the corner. He was outraged. Something happened at the Temple. He yelled about a mysterious man and stormed off. Sara often saw him angry, but she could tell something really bad was about to happen.

She wondered if it was the same mysterious man who was in her village just a couple days ago. He caused quite a triumphant stir.

She recalled an instance when she was buying supplies and the mysterious man passed through the crowd.

“I remember he stopped and said something to me. There was something warm and gentle about him. He said to us, ‘Come to me, and I will give you rest.’ I had no idea what that meant. Maybe there is someone out there who will care for us like that hen does for her chicks.”

Now, Sara was curious and determined to find out.

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