Somewhere in the Desert

Ahmed is a shepherd boy in the Middle East. 

Ahmed doesn’t have much, but he insists that he has all that he needs.

He says, “I am fortunate to spend time in green meadows; I somehow find the peaceful streams tucked away in quiet places. It renews my strength. I must have my own Shepherd guiding me along right paths. I wonder, does He have a name?

There are times when the way turns dangerous. The young shepherd boy has no other choice but to lead his sheep through those dark valleys. He doesn’t know what all they will see there, but his mind always goes back to a voice he once heard in a dream.

The voice said, “Do not be afraid, for you are close beside me. My rod and staff will protect and comfort you.”

When the trouble clears, Ahmed will often find a seat somewhere in the desert, as if he were sitting at a table eating a great feast with all of his guests — in this case, his sheep grazing before him in the field.

These are the moments Ahmed loves the most.

He says to himself, “Maybe one day I will find my Shepherd. Just maybe He is trying to find me.”

Based on the Twenty-Third Psalm.

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