Authentically Us

Featuring Haley & Michaels.

Hey everybody. Andrew here.

Quick story. One summer, I went shopping for a new pair of sunglasses. I like to take my wife along on these sorts of adventures. I might drive her crazy at times, but probably not. No, not at all. 

There was a moment when I was on one side of the rack and she was on the other, and we both picked up the same style of sunglasses at the very same time as we both said, “What about these?”

It was destiny. You can tell this was very important. But that’s exactly what happened for rising country music stars Haley & Michaels on their recent single, The Price I Pay. 

“We never actually had a conversation about what the song meant, we just wrote it and looked at each other afterward and shared this moment of knowing that we wanted to make our duo official,” said the group. 

They definitely have “it.” Their focus is to be authentically “us.”

Before they hit the stage each night, they always put their hands together with anyone they’re playing with and they say, “Madison Square Garden.”

Maybe it’s a sign for the day when they’re playing their own sold out show at MSG. 

Wouldn’t be surprised.

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