Where’s the Love

It was great.

We went to see Beauty and the Beast this week. As a big Disney fan, I was excited to see the modern and classic come together on the big screen.

I was also interested to see the much talked about “gay moment.” Would it be a slap in the face? Was it much ado about nothing? I’m a Christian. I’m conservative. There are a few things I’d like to share with my fellow believers.

The Church isn’t owning the message of love. And it needs to. As seen in the messaging all throughout Beauty and the Beast, Disney had full ownership of love. It might be a love we disagree with, but they are clearly inviting everyone to the table. Be our guest. Are we doing that? Not talking about compromise. We’re the ones with the absolute truth, right?

Winning a culture war is not our responsibility. We need to get this. After seeing the movie, it became clear that the controversy was overblown, and it is killing our ability to point people to God’s love. I believe it was overblown by those who profit off such campaigns. It is not our job to fix everything, but to be an example of God’s love in the midst of it. That does not always mean approval, but acceptance of the human behind it.

There will always be those who take tolerance too far and excuse wrongdoing, which is different than what it means to love. It is perfectly reasonable to stay home if you think that is best, but it is time for us to stop fighting the culture war with the same weapons. I used to be that guy. Big time. I have changed a lot.

Instead, let’s walk in the culture. In Christ. In His love.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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