Advancing Honor Event

Hi everyone, this is Andrew. Here is the backstory on one of my favorite events.

A couple of friends and I were sitting at dinner, and I decided to tell them, “I have an idea.”

I wanted to organize an event with a purpose.

An event that would make a statement…in a stadium. We banded together and said, we are going to do it. We were not guaranteed success. When you step out to make a difference, you might fall, it might rain, but you can do it.

The event was called Advancing Honor at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York, PA. We sought to bring people together from different political backgrounds to rally around what really matters. Some wondered how we were going to do it. Well, I can stand next to anyone on what really matters. We can look at those who we fundamentally disagree with as real people. Let’s make a difference together.

The nightly news will focus on the republicans and democrats, the left and right. But we showed that politics is not the answer. We are.

The event featured American Idol finalist Phil Stacey in concert, appearances by local radio hosts and a family fest sponsored by Hanover Toyota.

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